About us

"The continuous development of our service portfolio and thus the ability of our employees to support our clients in their challenges is the focus of the work of the Management Board and the Senior Partners. "People Driven Company" does not pay lip service to this, but is an important cornerstone of the development of our company and the Aequitas Group".

Dirk Weinert
Chairman of the Board
Aequitas AG

"Financial independence, flexible resource and innovation management, as well as the ability to develop and support digital transformation processes, are the basis for being able to act as a reliable partner for customers and partners".

Torsten Pügge
Board Member
Aequitas AG

„Insbesondere in Zeiten volatiler Märkte erfährt die Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen und Geschäftsmodellen eine zusätzliche Dynamik und wird damit zu einer der zentralen Herausforderungen für unsere Kunden. Damit wir unsere Kunden optimal beraten können, sind die permanente und nachhaltige Weiterbildung und Wissensteilung wichtige Eckpfeiler unser Delivery-Organisation. Dabei ist es uns wichtig, das wir als Team Berater und Beraterinnen entwickeln, die zu unserer Kultur und unserem Beratungsanspruch passen und damit optimal für unsere Kunden wirken können.“

Christian Spraetz
Board Member
Aequitas AG

The investment portfolio of Aequitas AG is part of the Aequitas Group, which was founded 10 years ago as an umbrella organisation under the Aequitas Group brand.

On the one hand, each of the Group companies follows its individual orientation and, on the other, the business and IT management consulting services of the Group complement each other to form an efficient and attractive overall offering for customers and employees.

Aequitas AG Participation Hub2Go

Electrically into the future

Hub2Go provides the technical platform for sharing cars, scooters, bicycles and microscooters on an app and on the web.

This enables cities, municipalities and companies to adapt to the changing mobility needs of citizens, customers and employees. The central Mobility Control controls all availabilities and requirements.

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