Software Development under the Sign of Digitalization

"Software developments in the SAP and non-SAP area are nowadays characterized by the challenges of digital transformation and increasingly dynamic framework conditions.
This requires a high degree of experience, agility and flexibility in development".

Michael Tröster, Partner

SAP Development

In the field of tension between state-of-the-art and proven

Like any software environment, SAP technology consultants and developers face specific challenges. In addition to obvious issues, such as the sheer size or high complexity of the issues presented, SAP environments are often caught between new, modern technologies and those that are proven but often more difficult to maintain and extend.

Often applications in this environment have grown over years, sometimes decades, and have thus reached a high level of complexity. On the other hand, upgrades and new developments mean that modern technologies are used. This aspect also affects numerous subareas, such as form and surface development or interface technologies.

Digital product development

From the idea to the MVP to the mature product

Digitalisation has long since arrived in our everyday lives. We shop digitally, pay by app and digitise entire business models in the process. More and more analogue services, processes and products are becoming digital and smart.

For many use cases, off-the-shelf products are associated with compromises. Either individual processes cannot be implemented or the software is not compatible with the existing software.

In this case, the best solution is the development of individual digital products. It doesn't matter whether a new business model is being created or business processes are being digitised. The result fits their needs perfectly.

Tailored to your individual digital product, we put together the perfect team of digitisation experts. We work together with you at all times to have the right competences in the project team at the right time, so that the project becomes a success in an agile and flexible way.

  1. 1
    Strategy & Consulting

    We develop product strategies and business models that support you in your decision-making. Together we set up your digitalisation project so that you are successful.

    – Design Thinking
    – Business Model Canvas
    – Projekt Readiness Assessment

  2. 2
    MVP development

    Wir realisieren Ihre digitale Geschäftsidee, identifizieren die wichtigsten Features, die richtigen Frameworks und Strukturen. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit können Sie ihre Geschäftsidee mithilfe eines Minimum Viable Products testen und das Marktpotenzial bestimmen

    – Definition des Projekt-Scops
    – Setup der Projektinfrastruktur
    – Agiles Projektmanagement
    – Entwicklung eines MVP

  3. 3
    Product and service development

    We develop your digital products and services. We work with your MVP or set up a new project. Our goal is to inspire you and your customers.

    – Agiles Projektmanagement
    – Externe Teamführung
    – Team as a Service

  4. 4
    Digitalisation of business processes

    We digitise your individual business processes so that you can focus on your tasks.

    – Effizienzpotenziale aufzeigen
    – unternehmensinterne Services aufbauen
    – Konkurrenzvorteile gegenüber Standardlösungen

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