People behind Equitas

"because here the old-timers have fun teaching younger people."

Aequitas AG was my first "real" employer after graduating. Over the last few years, I was able to experience the many sunny sides of IT consulting, but also some of the darker sides. There were always new challenges in many varied projects and customer situations in a wide range of industries. Even today, colleagues with years of experience are still there to help and advise me when I need help in certain situations.

Like many of my fellow students and friends, after a few years with the same employer, I felt it was time for a change. After looking around the job market, I was surprised at how little flexibility companies had in meeting my needs. Since Aequitas AG offered me an excellent perspective at this point, the choice to stay was ultimately very easy for me. What I enjoy most is that I can pass on my experience of the last few years to younger colleagues and actively contribute to the company's development.

"The strength of the company lies in the diversity and experience of its employees."

Aequitas encourages the development of creativity and passion, because when employees have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity, it results in a new perspective on the world and the possibility to create new technologies. One such opportunity is participation in the Practice Project Management 2.0, where we have the chance to collaborate and share experiences with experienced colleagues. Together we can drive change by implementing groundbreaking activities and innovations. The strength of the company lies in the diversity and experience of its employees.

Working in the IT industry is very varied, because it is very rare for someone to work on one project in one industry for several years. Every project is unique and means new tasks for me. Working as a consultant also allows you to meet new people and work with different groups of employees. This job never gets boring and always brings new challenges.

"Because internationality is lived in the team."

Die Arbeit bei der Aequitas ist spannend und vielfältig. Dies zeigt sich daran, dass neue Geschäftsfelder wie die MVP- und Individual-Entwicklung erschlossen werden.

Hierbei bieten sich meinem Team und mir immer die Möglichkeiten, mit neuen Technologien und Stacks zu arbeiten. Für uns steht das gemeinsame Erreichen des Ziels mit dem Kunden im Vordergrund. Dadurch ist der Kontakt zum Kunden sehr persönlich und vertrauensvoll. Am besten gefällt mir dabei, Dinge gemeinsam mit Kollegen auf den Weg zu bringen und dabei nach Lösungen zu suchen.

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