"If poor children can't go to school, school must come to the children!"

„Die Aequitas AG hat über ihre Beteiligung AAKIT Ltd. zu Indien im Allgemeinen und zu Mumbai im Speziellen, eine enge und langjährige Beziehung. Und wer schon einmal in Indien war weiß, dass dies ein Land krasser Gegensätze ist, die wir uns in unserem „normalen“ Alltag nicht vorstellen können.
Because of this close bond, we are involved in a local aid project. The "We Can Foundation" is dedicated to the people in the slums near people in the slums next to the Malad Railroad Tracks not far from our office in Mumbai and is particularly committed to the support and education of children.

Christian Spraetz, Board of Directors

The aim: to protect and promote the rights of neglected children living in inhuman conditions in Mumbai.

The mission: To provide vulnerable and neglected children with a supportive and stimulating education that encourages the desire to learn and ultimately enables the children to live a life in dignity and respect.

The Foundation focuses on the street and slum families along the railway tracks and streets of Malad - especially in the Gandhi Nagar Zopadpatti, which has been in existence for four decades!

This "settlement" consists of temporary huts built from sheet metal and plastic waste. Currently, the Foundation reaches 100 children in the age group of 5 to 16 years who live in this community.

The funding approach:
To act as tutors to develop the ineffective public schooling in India by strengthening the academic foundations, especially in subjects such as mathematics, English and Marathi.

We also want to equip the children with skills that we believe are essential for the future: the ability to use computers and to read, write and communicate in English.

Lessons are held directly in the settlement in a classroom built by the community.

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